Impact of new technologies on labor law

Technologies have invaded each part of our existence. In a logic and coherent way, it has also affected contractual relationships betweenemployee and employer.

Indeed, even if the employee might be thrilled by the obvious freedom offered by a fluid communication thanks to new technologies (Internet and e-mail), but also by the development of instant social networks (i.e. Facebook and Twitter), he shall carefully collect information stored on his professional computer. He shall also take care of his statements about his firm, or his colleagues even outside any professional activity.

On the other side, employer shall not be tempted to systematically use employees’ information contained in his computer, such use being subject to certain conditions.

As a conclusion, it is highly recommended to employees to make only visible work, files and mails strictly linked to their professional activity. In case of necessity they can save some personal files on professional computers. They also have to mention the private nature of these files.

Finally, they have to remember that any remark made on the Internet, especially on social networks, can be used against them, even by « friends ».

To live happy in companies, better to be discrete!

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